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I’m an Auckland videographer & aspiring DoP (own a Sony PMW-F3 & BMPCC) who loves camera gear tech and crafting light to make your next film be awesome. I come equipped and ready to take on whatever your project is! Be it events, short films, weddings, corporate videos or even something more unusually out of the box… want to shoot an engagement session with medium format film? Or want a 360 degree virtual reality video? Can do! Get in touch.

Am currently working as a Director of Photography on two feature films (a vampire comedy, and a psychological horror), and am available for other upcoming work too.

Also regularly work as a boom op / sound recordist on films, have a Sound Devices 552 / RODE NTG2 / blimp / boom / wireless / etc, contact me if you have need of this on your next project.

A small random assortment of videos I’ve been the cameraman on:

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“You are one of the most intense camera professionals I have seen in my career as an actor. I love the unending energy you have to give the best… even if it’s just a 2 second shot. Love your passion and it shows in the end product. Keep up the good work mate.” ~ Raj Singh (Actor)

“There are few men in history as prepared as you now are for low light shooting!” ~ Dion Paz (Director)

“David was utterly thorough in his preparations as DoP for my short film Breathe. He knew my shot list by heart and without any doubt he absolutely knows his stuff, and I felt very fortunate to have a DoP who was very generous in sharing this knowledge.” ~ Kirsty Hamilton (Director)

OH WOW! wtf... the Canon C300 mk2 can't do EVF + SDI monitor + on board LCD screen all three simultaneously!! :-o

That is insane that such an expensive camera doesn't have such a basic feature. I'm doing sound on this shoot, & snapped a quick pic of the DoP / Director / Producer all huddled around trying to figure it out!

Seems it isn't possible at all :-o But I discovered a work around to make them happy, have monitor + LCD on then whenever the DoP wants the EVF just fold the LCD closed and the EVF will turn back on. Bit of a hassle but better than nothing, unless anyone knows better?
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Meta! Am filming myself in #360VR filming myself! ... See MoreSee Less

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Turning the cameras on the drones! & filming them at the expo (I want the Yuneec Typhoon H one day :-D ). ... See MoreSee Less

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