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Hi! I’m a professional sound recordist working on a variety of feature films and many other projects this year. With a Sound Devices 552 mixer, 8-track recorders, Sanken CS-3e, wireless kits, and more. Am Auckland based, but regular travels across NZ on work.

I’m also a videographer (own a Sony PMW-F3 & BMPCC) who loves camera gear tech and crafting light to make your next film be awesome. I come equipped and ready to take on whatever your project is! Be it events, short films, weddings, corporate videos or even something more unusually out of the box… want to shoot an engagement session with medium format film? Or want a 360 degree virtual reality video? Can do! Get in touch.

A small random assortment of videos I’ve been the cameraman on:

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“You are one of the most intense camera professionals I have seen in my career as an actor. I love the unending energy you have to give the best… even if it’s just a 2 second shot. Love your passion and it shows in the end product. Keep up the good work mate.” ~ Raj Singh (Actor)

“There are few men in history as prepared as you now are for low light shooting!” ~ Dion Paz (Director)

“David was utterly thorough in his preparations as DoP for my short film Breathe. He knew my shot list by heart and without any doubt he absolutely knows his stuff, and I felt very fortunate to have a DoP who was very generous in sharing this knowledge.” ~ Kirsty Hamilton (Director)

Initially I was a bit confused as to why the package had "media" written on it, as I didn't recall ordering any media from eBay?!?! Then I opened it up and realised the cunning genius of the eBay seller, had included a random CD along with the Lectrosonics wireless that I'd purchased, thus hopefully (maaaaaaaaybe?!) the postal service will then take greater care of the parcel if they think media is inside it?!?! Interesting idea, I wonder if it really makes a difference? ... See MoreSee Less

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Success!!! I got past security and onto the plane with both my carbon fibre boom poles. Like magic. ... See MoreSee Less

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Almost at the end of this month long shoot in Sydney, heading home tomorrow.
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DIY hush heels?! As hating the noise of dress shoes / high heels walking on hard floors when I'm recording sound on set. ... See MoreSee Less

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