“Hi, I’m David and I’m a cameraholic”.

Because I just purchased yet another camera…. and I thought I’d share. As at only US$19.99 (+ free shipping!) you won’t find a cheaper HD camera! (certainly not a better one for less)


Personally I’m planning on using this on my soon to arrive Quadcopter for the first couple of dozen flights, rather than my GoPro 3 Black, just to help reduce the risk factor of what I’m flying in the air while I’m practising. Others will also find it useful as a GoPro alternative/supplement/backup, you can even get a waterproof case for it for a few bucks.

This is what is known as a “808 keychain camera #20”, the 808 series are quite famous in RC/rocket/hacker/etc circles. Pretty much has been the de facto standard for RC planes for years now. (as they’re not just cheap, they’re very very lightweight. An essential requirement when you’re wanting to lift this into the air against gravity. Where even a GoPro can be too heavy)

As you can tell from the “#20” there have been a *lot* of them in this series! Chuck Lohr has a great overview of all of them on his website (is extremely worthwhile reading if you’re planning on getting one, especially as there are a lot of fake copies of these cameras. The link I gave above is however to a trusted buyer of 808 cameras):

Personally the #20 packs the most value for me, as it is on a clear out sale currently. But you can find both more expensive and cheaper 808 cameras models than the #20 version.

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