The Canon 1D C is still a bad idea, even at its reduced second hand price

timthumb Canon 1D C used price slips under £5000 – and why I decided to take the gamble and get one

I read the article by EOSHD and the lasting impression I had is he wanted the 1D C because of its the combo of: stills performance + weather proofing + 4K + full frame (which is a deceptive statement to make about the 1D C, as once it is shooting in 4K it is in crop mode). And he is willing to compromise a *lot* to get that. (such as Canon’s limited video features, such as no focus peaking, no EVF, and a screen that won’t rotate out)

Sony A7s could meet all of this, if not for its relatively mediocre weather proofing and lack of internal 4K recording. Sony is bringing out next year a high end pro range: A9 series. I expect that will have the weatherproofing he desires, and meet everything else.

The problem with the 1D C’s price is so insane, even once reduced. As you could buy a Panasonic GH4 (4K and weatherproofed) + Sony A7s + Nikon D750 (top notch photography camera, a very decent 1080p camera, and high end weatherproofed) and still have money left over!

This strikes me as a waaaay better gear collection to have than just one Canon 1D C. As you’ll be able to pick out the camera that is specifically best tailored for the task at hand. And you’ll have top notch back ups available, and you’ll be able to go multi camera set ups with them.

Another way to put this into context the 1D C price and what else you could do with that, you could almost buy a Pentax 645Z! While ok, it is for a different kind of photography, it is however a camera that will generally speaking put you much more so in a whole different league of photography than a 1D C would. (as if I had to choose between a D750 or a 1D C and I could *only* use it for photography, I’d go for the D750 every time)