The common question of “Which camera is best?”


Over in a filmmaking forum a person asked:

Hey guys I’m ready to upgrade from the 5Dmk3 to something lighter, mirrorless, durable and even better quality. Better than the Panasonic GH4, Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera (BMPCC), and the like. I’m just trying to see people’s personal opinions, what’s out there and what their prices range. Thanks!!

My response:

The BMPCC is a quite incredible camera, I’d highly recommend getting it. And as it is so affordable, you could still get a second camera on top of it.

Because rather than focussing on getting a *BETTER* camera than a BMPCC/GH4, I’d look at getting a camera that is the best *complimentary* camera for the BMPCC (or a GH4, if you go with that, or whatever camera you pick).

Now as for which camera that is, that will depend a lot on your particular needs and remaining budget (both of which it helps if people clarify first when they ask the question). Do you do events, ENG, weddings, narrative short films, documentaries, web series, corporate? What capabilities/needs do you have with the post production workflow? Just to list a few questions to ask.

But anyway, here are ones to consider and see how they’d fit with your needs and the other tools you’ve got at hand:
Sony A7s / Sony FS7 / Sony PW-X70 / BMPC4K / Panasonic GH4

Then when you have to go out to shoot, you can pick the best from your arsenal for that particular job. A BMPCC for one job, a Sony A7s for another type of work, or a PW-X70 for yet a different kind.

Because there is no “wonder camera” which is best at everything. Instead it is better to see the bigger picture, and the context in how each camera interrelates with the others. Even getting a GoPro can make sense! As it is very weak in many areas but is “best” in its particular niche (tiny and durable action cameras), which makes it a very complementary camera to have with almost all other cameras out there if a GoPro fits your needs.

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