Sci-Fi short film written by AI!

The screenplay for this short film was written by an Artificial Intelligence neural network bot. The results are hilarious.

Not even screenwriters will be safe from the coming robot invasion.

Also the soundtrack is meaningless, the lyrics was generated by AI (although the music composed was done by humans, next step for the AI? No reason why it couldn’t be):

Screenplay can be read here:

I’d love to shoot an AI written screenplay myself! Maybe I could feed it horror film scripts instead of Sci-Fi?

They chose Sci-Fi as obviously it is a good match for a screenplay written by an AI, but also because this was produced as an entry in the Sci-Fi London film festival for their 48-Hour Film Challenge. This is the version on the Sci-Fi London Vimeo channel:

Here is the Wikipedia article which goes into more detail about the kind of neural network they used for their AI (running on thirty two Tesla K80 graphics cards!! They cost US$5K each at launch: The K80 has dual GPUs, a staggering 24 gigabytes of RAM, & draws 300W of power!):

LTSM is superior to Markov Chains here as it samples a larger sequence of letters, which makes it superior for whole paragraphs rather than just a handful of words.

Amusingly the creators also made a bot to vote for themselves in the competition at a rate of 36,000 votes per hour. And blamed on the AI! Haha. There is an “interview” with the AI over on the Sci Fi London blog:

On related points, here is a few other interesting things done with AI

An AI music creator:

A research project that composes game music in real time depending on what’s happening (thanks Ian Neilson for the find!):

A filmmaking robot, right here in New Zealand:

There was a film in the Sundance Festival that was entirely edited by an AI bot:

This algorithm creates sound for a scene based on what happens in the scene (for instance if an object is hit, the matching sound can be added):

Back at the start of this year a guy feed all ‘Friends‘ episodes into an AI to create a new ‘Friends‘ episode:

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