Where to next after shooting Magic Lantern Raw with a Canon Rebel series camera?

As No Film School appears to have a serious glitch with their boards which prevents me from posting (I’ve tried with three different browsers!), I’m posting my reply here for now until the bug is fixed:

As you’re comfortable shooting raw I’d highly recommend you get a BMPCC or wait for the BMMCC (plus BMD VA). So you can leave behind Canon (who have gone nowhere for years, Canon are one of the worst now when it comes to MILC/DSLR market).

Samsung NX1 or Sony A7s or Panasonic GH4 are all solid choices too, but I’d say just go for Blackmagic Design’s cameras as you’ve already got experience with ML raw.

In the Blackmagic Design line up, I prefer the BMPCC the most. BMCC doesn’t really gain anything (aside from a very slight increase in resolution) but at the cost of much increased size (BMCC can cost over twice as much too). BMPC4K is simple a BMCC with greater resolution and global shutter, but at the cost of dynamic range and worse low light. Which I’m not so keen about.

Then there is the URSA…. which is HUGE. And the most expensive of them all.

The studio cameras are not suitable for your needs.

Now there is just left the new ones coming…. BMMCC looks awesome, but will need a BMD VA (or some kind of screen at least). And the URSA Mini, which with the new 4.6K sensor should be awesome. But again, rather pricey! Thus way outside your stated budget of under US$2k.

So in the end it boils down to…. get the BMPCC! 😀
Unless you don’t mind waiting for the BMMCC and paying a little bit more.