Amazon deal for Samsung NX300/NX1000/NX2000

Amazon is having a bit of a special right now on the Samsung NX300/NX1000/NX2000. Thanks to my friend Theuns for giving me the heads up about this deal.

Picked up a NX300 for myself, if it is as good (or even better) as a Panasonic GH2 (as some people have said…) I’ll be very happy! Plus it makes for a very cheap entry point into the NX system, who knows… I might get a NX1 later this year? (still haven’t made up my mind about NX1 vs A7s vs GH4! Leaning strongly towards GH4, but in no rush at all to buy an expensive top of the line mirrorless camera. I’ll probably go for whichever one gets the first *big* discount price drop this year. Maybe instead of my intended plan for next wedding season of 5x GH1 + GH4, I will go with 5x NX300 + NX1, who knows! One of the exciting aspects of this area, is video technology and pricing is always changing so fast, you never really know what might be around the corner…. and always need to start sharply informed)

One of the really exciting features of the Samsung NX300 is its 3D filming capabilities, which I’m looking forward to exploring even though it is a rather nichey niche area these days that as lost its place in the sun as the current fad to be replace by 4K being all the rage (which I have to admit, actually will be much more useful than 3D!). As ever since Jeremy (who used a NX300, and now a NX30 + NX1) opened my eyes to the NX series nearly a year ago (long before the famous NX1 was released and caught everybody’s attention!) and the NX300’s groundbreaking 3D filming,I’ve been interesting in getting one of them for myself one day.  Well, now I shall! As soon as it gets here from the USA.

In Jeremy’s own words:

The new range of Samsung NX cameras are the answer for budget film makers, the quality and low light performance is superior to your normal DSLRs for filming with. Couple that body together old glass and it creates the perfect split between new tech and original looking optic quality.
Also the 45mm 3D lens provides spectacular 3D footage. And the camera has been exposed to light rain and didn’t skip a beat.

In closing I’ll mention one negative about the NX system. That it is rather a pity about Samsung’s lens mount, it was a very poor decision by Samsung to make it so long, such that a focal reducer can’t be made for it (well Metabones says it can’t be done. But technically speaking it could be done). Though if they should next release a “NX2” model which uses all that extra empty space to put ND filters in there, then I’ll be a very happy man! And can even perhaps forgive them for their horrible choice in flange length for the NX mount.